Announcing: The Secrets to Freedom for the Nurse Practitioner

Announcing: The Secrets to Freedom for the Nurse Practitioner

Announcing: The Secrets to Freedom for the Nurse PractitionerAnnouncing: The Secrets to Freedom for the Nurse PractitionerAnnouncing: The Secrets to Freedom for the Nurse Practitioner

Dear Colleague,



I am so sick of seeing nurse practitioners being abused. So many nurse practitioners are taken advantage of on a daily basis, it boils my blood! Physicians, administrators, and business owners take advantage of your hard work! You work your tail off day in and day out and yet never receive recognition for your efforts.

How much do you make? $55 an hour? $65 an hour? $75 an hour? All those numbers should be a slap in the face to every single one of you. You produce much more than that. You are worth more than that!

A busy nurse practitioner easily generates multiple thousands of dollars a day. Who takes the profits? The “collaborating” physicians, administrators and business owners. You should be the one who takes home the bread, not them. You are the one doing the work.

Listen, I've been there. I used to work at a busy urgent care for $65 an hour. I sold my soul on the days I worked. Those long 12-13 hour shifts seeing 60-70 patients would totally drain every drop of energy from my body. 

I did the math. I know how much money I produced those days: $7,000-$10,000!!!! And all I got out of it was $780?! What a rip off! 

I became sick of it! 

I was living in a restrictive state though. I had to have this “supervising” physician if I wanted to do anything. 



You know what?! I talked to my “supervising” physician 1 time in 2 years working at that urgent care! 1 time! This physician made $3,000 a month “supervising” me! What the hell did she do exactly? 


I was tired of being taken advantage of. 

So, I decided to pack my bags and move to a full practice authority state. (You can still do well in restrictive states though, you just need to be more diligent!)

WOW! What a difference it made! 

I started my own practice within 3 months. Two years later I own MULTIPLE PROFITABLE PRACTICES! Not to mention what I have been able to do with that money such as starting businesses outside of healthcare.

I worked my butt off. Through my blood, sweat, and tears, I built a financially independent life in a matter of 3 years. It was the freedom I desired!

I did not need a “collaborating” physician breathing down my neck. I did not need administrators telling me what to do. I did not need a manager or a business owner dictating my life.

I did what I wanted! All on my own! And the best part? I did this PART-TIME!

I had multiple income streams providing over $10,000 a month while working at an urgent care part-time.

This part-time salary provided for my living expenses because I decided to live below my means.

These side businesses are now generating my wealth! I plan on retiring before 50 and getting out of the rat race!

How did I do this? By living below my means, taking risks, making mistakes, and reading what others have done.

My success motivated me to put down on paper what I did. What I developed was The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. 



The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model is a mixture of certain principles that you must implement into your professional and personal lives as fast as possible. By implementing these simple strategies and concepts it allows an aspiring nurse practitioner entrepreneur to be financially and professionally independent. 

This model has not been created by anyone else to my knowledge but was personally developed through trial and error, diligent study, and what other successful individuals have done.

What can you do by utilizing The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model?

  • You can own multiple part-time side businesses that generate TENS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a month. This is not a pie in the sky fantasy. It is reality! And the best part? You only need to spend 6-10 hours a week on each business! 
  • You can work part-time at a job that you enjoy that totally pays for your personal expenses. This will allow your businesses to pay off your debts and build your wealth!
  • You can live a more simple, happy, and stress-free life. You do this by spending less than you make.
  • You can be debt-free! Live below your means, generate money through your side businesses, and aggressively pay off your debts!  You can be debt free, including paying off your mortgage, in 5-7 years. You can be debt free outside of your mortgage in a matter of 2-3 years! Aren't you sick of those student loans?
  • You can legally pay less TAXES! Did you know taxes are your biggest expense? It is CRUCIAL you learn how to pay less in taxes. This will save you THOUSANDS of dollars a year.
  • What does all the above accomplish? You being financially independent! This will allow you to retire much earlier and reduce the stress in your life. Do you see yourself doing this grind until your 65? I certainly can’t. I am in my 30's and I already am getting burnt out. 



Listen brothers and sisters, you can retire early. You can obtain a level of professional freedom and accomplishment in your business, clinical, and personal life! There are a handful of elite nurse practitioners out there who have figured it out. You can too! 

This is why I designed the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. It is time for this knowledge and group of simple concepts to be shared among my colleagues! 

You do not need a DNP. You do not need a post-graduate certificate. You do not need to pay $1,500 for some fluff filled course to teach you basic concepts that can be learned for free. These things do not help you become financially independent.



This 143-page book is a quick read and straight to the point. There is no fluff. It discusses my personal story and gets straight to the point of what you have to do to build a free life.

Does this cost $30,000 like a DNP program that likely won't even increase your salary?

Does this cost $1,500 like these “hormone replacement” or “how to start a house call practice” courses? 

NO! It costs $51.97.

I could charge a lot more for what this book provides. Every single one of you will receive far more than $50 worth of value out of this. Simply being able to negotiate your salary higher, like I discuss, will pay for itself 50 fold. 

If you truly can digest this advice and implement it, you could potentially make $100,000 more a year by starting 1-2 small side businesses that take 8 hours a week to run.

This is not a pipe dream, it is a reality. I am serious.

Listen, I grew up in a small single wide trailer in the southeast. My father was an alcoholic loser and my mom was essentially a single mother who worked 2 jobs to support us. There were times in high school when I didn’t have running water because my mom could not afford the bill. 


If I can do this all on my own, SO CAN YOU! There is no excuse for anyone to not be able to enhance and better their life utilizing the advice in The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model.


There are 7 principles that make up The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Utilizing just one of these principles will benefit your life. The more concepts you implement into your life, the better it will be. If you implement all 7 principles, YOU WILL BECOME SIGNIFICANTLY MORE SUCCESSFUL!

1. Maintaining a part-time job: You must always have a job. Maintaining a job will provide you an enormous amount of financial security while you build your side businesses. Your job will support you and your business will be a side project. Never go 100% in on a business!

2. Multiple part-time side businesses: The more businesses you have, the more income streams you have. You are MASSIVELY financially secure. If one business fails, you have another and another to back you up! Plus, it keeps life fresh and new!

3. Avoiding medical insurance: When you accept medical insurance, especially Medicare and Medicaid, you invite a third party into your business. Do you want the federal government in your business? Do you want to rely on a 3rd party to pay you? It's a hassle! Avoid taking insurance if you can!



4. Operating a cash practice: Open a cash practice. Only accept cash, credit or debit. Take payment right at the time of service. It makes life so much easier! Plus, you can practice how you wish. When you accept cash, you don’t have to follow government and insurance guidelines and protocols!

5. Having low personal expenses: When you have more money coming in than you spend, you don't need to live paycheck to paycheck. It simplifies your life. You learn to value experiences and love vs material items you don't even need. You are much happier and mentally fulfilled.

6. Having low business expenses: Start and operate cheap businesses. If you start a practice for $50,000, you will be stressed to the max if it fails. Instead, if you start a cheap practice for $5,000, and if it fails, you won’t be losing that much sleep over it. You don’t need a fancy office space that costs $2,500 a month. A small space in a shopping center for $700 a month will work just as well.

7. Being debt free: If you want to live a life of freedom, you MUST be debt free outside your mortgage. Debt = Slavery. Get out of debt as fast as you possibly can!


These are the principles of The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. Implementing these principles into your life as discussed in the book will benefit your life considerably:

  • You can leave the job you hate at any time. You have multiple income streams to maintain your livelihood.

  • You don’t have to put up with “collaborating” physician bullshit. They don’t control your life; you can give them the finger because you have 3-4 other income streams!

  • You won’t be stressed about paying your bills, retirement, savings, investments, etc. You will live below your means yet bring in a considerable income. This brings an enormous amount of security to your life.

  • Because you have multiple income streams and live cheaply, you can retire much earlier! Let the physicians work until they are 70 years old. I plan on being done around 50 and enjoying a simple stress-free life in Costa Rica on the beach during the winter and at my mountain cabin fly fishing with my grandchildren during the summer.

  • You can utilize your advanced practice to its fullest extent when you do not accept insurance. When you are a cash practice, you do not have to follow insurance protocols and guidelines. You do as you wish within reason.

  • You can start a simple practice when you do not accept insurance. You do not need an expensive EMR! You don’t have to worry about meaningful use and other nonsense that is required by Medicare and Medicaid. You simply just practice!

  • You can be debt free! Imagine not having anymore "payments" in your life! How less stressed would you be?

  • You can pay the minimum amount of taxes legally required! Do you realize how much money that will save you?



The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model was designed to help you break free from the chains of modern-day slavery in healthcare.


You don’t have to submit to those “above” you! They are not anymore special than you! Stop having this passive, submissive mindset. You hold an enormous amount of power as nurse practitioner.

This 143-page book will go through each principle in detail and give you instruction on how to implement it. After reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner Model, you will understand the principles and change the way you live your life.

I am offering this book at $51.97 which is a steal for what it will do for you.

  If you order this book today, you will also receive the eBook “Marketing For the Elite Nurse Practitioner Side Business” FREE! This short 14-page eBook goes over the multiple ways to market a side practice.

Remember, marketing is the most important part of your business. You must market your new practice if you want to succeed. If you do not market your new practice, it will not succeed. People must know you exist!

Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to build a financially secure life? Are you ready to have more freedom? Are you ready to become one of the few elite nurse practitioners? Then reading The Elite Nurse Practitioner is the first step in beginning your journey!

 P.S. I guarantee you will find considerable value out of the Elite Nurse Practitioner Model. If you are not 100% satisfied, I will provide you a free email consultation session to help you in your journey to freedom or give you your money back.